Physical Training

Stronger, Faster, Healthier

Get stronger, faster and healthier in our physical training program with our new coach, Coach Evans!

Coach Evans

Coach Evans is a professional physical trainer, who has a certification that qualifies him to create and deliver safe and effective exercise programs for individuals or groups. Evans was a physical trainer at rice university from 2013-2015. He was also Coach Bo Rong’s physical trainer while she was competing internationally. As a professional trainer, he understands the need for physical training in the game of badminton, which makes him thrive at being the most suitable trainer for badminton players. He helped Coach Bo Rong get back to play after her knee surgery and also to maintain maximum physical fitness during the international competition in her 30s

What Do Our Parents Think?

He likes it so much

My son is now willing to change any clothes except his badminton uniform, washed and worn, no change to other clothes. He likes it so much, and we are going to add one more class this semester.


She teaches the kids with great dedication.

Although she (coach Zheng) is the coach of the (Chinese) national team and world champions, she teaches the kids with great dedication and hands-on demo.


She is eager to go practice

My daughter was training badminton in another place, and she used to have stomach-ache or headache when told to go training. Now with Schafer team, she is eager to go practice immediately after recovers from a fever. The professional coaches not only has good technique, but also the “magic potion”.