Coaches and Our International Badminton Athletes

Badminton’s coaches and consulting staff consist of some of the best badminton coaches in the world including Xuehua Tang, Huimin Zheng, Mao Li. Head coach Bo Rong, who was also a coach for the American National Junior Team, was a former member of the China National Women’s Single team. She was trained by Xianhu Tang (coach of Dan Lin, and former coach of China National Women’s Single Team).

Rong Schafer

Bo Rong, Rong Schafer (wikipedia) formerly Rong Bo, was a competitive athlete of the China National Badminton team. She competed in many world-class international badminton tournaments including the World Cup.US Championship, consectetur adipiscing elit. She was ranked 33rd worldwide and was featured in an ESPN interview. Coach Rong acquired tremendous coaching experience during her early coaching career in California. She also organized Schafer Badminton Camp in China several times. To continuously improve her coaching capability, Coach Rong follows Coach Mao Li to learn more about state-of-the-art coaching methodologies. She also represented the USA in major games. She started her coaching career in 2008 and has gained an abundance of coaching experience in countries such as Denmark, the United States, and China. Her trainees, from novice to elite, all have made substantial and impressive progress and winning records. Schafer Badminton now has its own club that provides training for hundreds of badminton enthusiasts. The club was founded in Houston, the United States in 2016. Her mission is to promote badminton as a sport and bring the technique as well as the joy of playing badminton to more. She is experienced in organizing international badminton training camps. She was chosen as the coach of the United States team in the Pac-America Junior Championships 2019.

Jin Ye Tan

Jinye is an International Badminton Level World Ranking Player. He represented Malaysia, specializing in Men’s Singles. He is an adult sparring partner and helps players improve tremendously.  He has 9 years of professional experience and has helped  players participate in the World Junior Championships.  He helped players win Pan American Games Medals while representing the U.S.

Xiao Hui

Coach Xiao Hui, born in Beijing in 1975, is a former men’s singles player in the China national badminton team. He played alongside Dong Jiong and Sun Jun in the men’s singles China national team group. After retiring in 2001, he has been coaching at the esteemed Shichahai Sports School.

Among the world champions Zhang Nan (two-time Olympic gold medalist in men’s doubles and mixed doubles), Du Pengyu (a national team player in men’s singles and a world champion), Qiao Bin (a national team player in men’s singles and a world champion, currently serving as the coach for the China men’s singles team), and Bo Rong (the coach of Schafer Badminton, a former China national team player in women’s singles and a world open champion, presently coaching the USA youth team). These players have all thrived under the guidance and training of Coach Xiao Hui in the Beijing team! Now, Coach Xiao Hui has immigrated to Houston, and officially joined Schafer Badminton, bringing with him the traditional and advanced teaching methods and experience from China to impart his knowledge and coach young local players in Houston.


Coach Vinny is a mid-west ranked (USA) and district level (India) badminton player.  She has conducted badminton workshops for mid-level players in the Indiana area and has coached players to win in the prestigious Chicago open.  Her career highlights include winning the Women’s and mixed Doubles at Purdue University’s Badminton open tournament, winning the Women’s and Mixed Doubles at the University of Illinois – Urbana Campaign’s Badminton Open Tournament, and being the runner up at the Women’s Doubles at the prestigious Chicago open.  

Rachel Ooi

Rachel Ooi(Heong Hui Ooi, 1985) was born in Taiping, Perak, Malaysia. Started training since the age of 9, used to train under former Perak state Badminton head Coach Lim Jit Yee. Under Lim Jit Yee’s coaching there were quite a few outstanding ex national players/coaches such as Wong Tat Meng, Koo Kien Keat, and Chan Kwong Beng. During elementary to middle school represented school team and district team to participate in discrict and state tournaments, won in many events in such tournaments.Join with Schafer Badminton team since 2017