What is the best age to start badminton training?
5 to 8 years old is the best age to start with entry level. The current youngest group in competitions is “Group Under 9”.
How much does it cost for training?

Group Classes:
(6-8 students per coach):
-Entry Level class : $25/hour
-Beginner class : $35/1.5 hours
-Intermediate and Advanced class: $40/2 hours

Small Group (1:4 Teacher-Student ratio):
$30/1 hour
$45/1.5 hours
$60/2 hours

  • Cost and fees will be charged once per semester. New enrollees must pay for a one-time registration fee of $35 (get a free team uniform and a free badminton bag)
  • Two semesters a year! 1st semester: January to May; 2nd semester: August to December;
  • Spring camps, summer camps and winter camps are also available;
  • Intermediate and Advanced class players can pay monthly if they sign up for three or more lessons per week AND for more than one year. Payment needs to be received by the 1st day of each month!
How to make up a lesson? What is your refund policy?
Up to four make-up lessons are available per semester. 80% of tuition fees will be refunded if there is any change within two weeks after registration. Tuition fees are non-refundable more than one month after registration.
How many lessons per week is appropriate?
It is recommended to practice at least twice a week for the Beginner class, which will ensure a good and stable progress. The progress will be comparatively slower if you only take one lesson per week
Can I get free club membership?

Players who sign up for three or more lessons per week will receive free club membership. Members can play freely on the badminton courts besides training time. The monthly membership fee after discount is $15 for players who sign up for less than three lessons per week.

Do you sell rackets and shuttlecocks for beginner players?
Yes. Please check out our shop here.

We hope everyone can enjoy playing in a pleasant, supportive and positive environment. We hope your entire family will enjoy the experience as your kids learn to play badminton.