What is the best age to start badminton training?
5 to 8 years old is the best age to start with entry level. The current youngest group in competitions is “Group Under 9”.
How much does it cost for training?

Group Classes:
-Intermediate and Advanced class: $40/2 hours
Group (4-5 kids 1 teacher
Teacher-Student ratio):
$30/1 hour
$45/1.5 hours

Cost and fees will be charged once per semester. New enrollees must pay for a one-time registration fee of $35 (get a free team uniform)
Two semesters a year! 1st semester: January to May; 2nd semester: August to December;
Spring camps, summer camps and winter camps are also available;

Private lesson can pay monthly. Payment needs to be received by the 1st day of each month!

After registering online, the registration will not be considered complete until the successful payment of training fees.

Please complete the registration fee for each child before the start of the new semester. Since it’s the start of the new annual year of 2022,  every student will have to pay for the registration fees which will be effective for a full annual year of 2022. Click the link  below to complete the registration fee if you haven’t already done so https://schaferbadminton.com/product/registration-fee/
(For students who paid for registration fee, they will each get a team hoodie jacket(red or black, please specify size wanted) ***Please take a moment to read over the rules and policies for the new semester as it will be strictly enforced, thanks for your undestanding and cooperation. Thank you! Let’s start a new great semester together! 😊😊

How to make up a lesson? What is your refund policy?

Withdrawal and refund: if intended to withdraw by any reasons, this will be training fee refund policies
1) 100% refund after first class is attended
2) 50%  refund after the second class is attended
3) No refund will be returned after the third class is attended.

Registration fee and 3% credit card fee are non-refundable!

Each semester has 4 times allowances for make up lessons. You can use this allowances to schedule for make up lessons in the case of  student has emergency or can’t make it to class. You need to notify 48 hours in advanced if you can’t make it to class. If failed to do so, it will be considered absences and student make-up allowances will not be applicable. Make-up allowances will have to be used up until before the semester ends, it will not be carried over to the next semester.

How many lessons per week is appropriate?
It is recommended to practice at least twice a week for the Beginner class, which will ensure a good and stable progress. The progress will be comparatively slower if you only take one lesson per week
Can I get free club membership?

Players who sign up for three or more lessons per week will receive free club membership. Members can play freely on the badminton courts besides training time. The monthly membership fee after discount is $15 for players who sign up for less than three lessons per week.

Do you sell rackets and shuttlecocks for beginner players?
Yes. Please check out our shop here.
Are you offering any specials or discounts right now?

Yes!  We currently offer a sibling incentive!

If siblings register for lessons, we will give you a voucher worth 8% of your total tuition fee (excluding the registration fee) for you to use during that semester towards tuition or private lessons!

(The voucher can not be used in the next semester, transferred to others, or used on the registration fee.)

We hope everyone can enjoy playing in a pleasant, supportive and positive environment. We hope your entire family will enjoy the experience as your kids learn to play badminton.